User Guide

Read the  installation manual first.


Adding new video using wizard

  1. Click on the FV WordPress Flowplayer icon just above your post.
  2. A wizard will appear.
  3. Fill in videos for different platforms:
    • Enter a default video in a first place
    • Enter a smaller video for devices connected with low bandwidth
    • Enter mp4 version for mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads
    • Enter webm version for mobile devices preferring webm format
    • Enter 3gp version, for Android mobile devices

      add videos


      Adding videos

  4. Fill out other information just as you do with FV WordPress Flowplayer plugin
  5. Add the code into the post

Shortcode explained

  • [flowplayer src="myvideo.mp4"] is the very basic code where src is the path to the video file that should be played
  • src is path to the default file. Use mp4 video, as this file is served also to iPads with high bandwidth
  • src_low is path to the file for low bandwidth connections
  • src_mobile is basic path for mobile devices, we strongly recommend to use mp4 format
  • src_webm is webm alternative for mobile devices
  • srv_3gp is another alternative for mobile devices, especially Androids
  • width is width of the video in the post in pixels
  • height is height of the video in pixels
  • An example shortcode with full set of 5 videos:
    [flowplayer src="myvideo.mp4" src_low="myvideo_low_bandwidth.mp4" src_mobile="myvideo_mobile.mp4" src_webm="myvideo.webm" src_3gv="myvideo.3gp" width=480 height=320]

Adding audio file

For audio use only the first text box (Video normal). Use mp3 or ogg, and define the size of the player to show only the controlbar, and use controlbar=show to keep the controlbar always visible, example: [flowplayer src="myaudio.mp3" width=480 height=25 controlbar=show]

Properly configured mp4 video

We made lots of experiments in order to find an ideal encoding of mp4 video to maximize it's usage on mobile devices. We provide here an example set of settings from that we found effective:

  • Use Mpeg4 format
  • Use libfaac audio codec
  • Both 1 pass or 2 pass encodings should be fine
  • For mobile video we recommend something around 480x320, some devices might have problems with higher resolution

Mobile version

Mobile video does not support redirections, popups as the video is played in the local player of the mobile device and we cannot affect it's behaviour.

Additional tips and tricks

Show video in an IFrame

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