Finally a video player that plays in normal browsers as well as in mobile devices!

The installation as well as usage are easy and straightforward. Shortcodes are simple and can be edited directly or using a wizard. Videos can be dragged directly from the WordPress media library!

Two different technologies are used to enable the video on mobile devices as well as in normal browsers.

Flash based Flowplayer serves normal browsers, taking the advantage and features of the player itself. The features include:

  • splash image
  • autoplay/autobuffer
  • fullscreen mode
  • redirect feature
  • user defined color inferface
  • popup at the end

HTML5 based player serves all mobile devices taking the advantage of native HTML5 support of these devices. Features include:

  • splash image
  • autoplay
  • fullscreen mode
  • download of the video if the browser doesn't support HTML5 video

Multiple video formats are used to ensure that the most suitable video format is served to the mobile device. MP4 format is the most accepted one suitable for normal devices, iDevices, Androids. 3GP plays on Blackberry devices.

Bandwidth measurement is performed for normal browsers and iPads. Users with slow connection will be served with a low bandwidth version of the video, while the others will get the full quality!

Our WP Mobile Video Player plays on normal browsers as well as on iPads, iPods, Androids, Blackberries, see the compatibility table for more details.