How to link to Amazon S3 videos

Here's a short tip on how to link to Amazon S3 videos by David:

I was getting the link directly from AWS by clicking on each video's properties and copying the link:

I didn't realize till today that even though it is a correct link it will not work with WPMobileVideoPlayer. You have to copy the link thru S3 Firefox Organizer. Any other way will keep your video from playing. The good link looks like this:

The only difference between the 2 is where the "bucket name" is.

Thank you David for sharing this tip with us!

Show video in IFrame

If you need to show the video in an IFrame, we have a short manual how to achieve that:

  1. First you need to create a new page template, which will be almost blank. You will need to keep there only basic html tags, and following three wp calls: wp_head, the_content and wp_footer
    See How to create page template on to create the template or download the following example
  2. Next create a new page where you will place the shortcode for a video
  3. Assign this blank template to a video
  4. And put it into an iframe:
    <iframe src="">
    Your browser does not support iframes.

Video below is an iframe:

WP Mobile Video Player Launched

Hi everybody!

We just launched the WP Mobile Video Player plugin, which is an extension for FV WordPress Flowplayer plugin.

This extension allows you to upload multiple video files encoded in different format in order to serve as much mobile devices with our player as possible!

Please watch the demo video and let us know if the video play on your mobile device, and what do you think about it!

Looking forward hearing from you!